Build Wealth

Becoming wealthy isn’t an accident. It takes focus and dedication. You must be intentional with your money. The biggest factor to becoming wealthy is your income. The larger your income, the more likely you are to become wealthy. However, regardless of your income, you must obey the rule- “spend less than you make and invest the rest”. I recommend you invest 15% of your gross salary into your retirement. Where and how to invest is another discussion; stay tuned. But for now we must also discuss the biggest hurdle to building wealth- DEBT. Owing money affects your ability to build wealth. Instead of paying yourself, you are giving your money to other people. If you hope to be wealthy you must make the decision to become wealthy. Have a plan, make good financial decision, and stick to the plan. Learn to ignore those around you who see debt as a necessary evil. The last thing to building wealth is patience. It will take time to become wealthy. It may take years or decades depending on your situation. But wealth is possible for everyone. Reach out and I will help you become wealthy.