The big red bow and scenic winding roads. Smiling happy faces and the sound of jingle bells. Who wouldn’t want a new car for Christmas? And with an affordable monthly payment what could go wrong? Did you see all of the fine print on the bottom of the ad? Did you read it? I didn’t think so.

But hey, it’s a new car. You deserve it. Maybe. But can you afford it?

Broke people ask; what’s the payment? Wealthy people ask; how much? See the difference.

If you go through life thinking that you will always have a car payment you are likely broke. Living paycheque to paycheque. You stress over money and are worried about your financial future.

If you save up and pay cash for a car, yes it can be done, you are likely wealthy and sleeping through the night. There is enough stress in your life without adding the pressure of a car payment. So go ahead and get that car for Christmas, but pay cash. And don’t forget the red bow.

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