The Fight Against Debt

I came across a poem by Will Carleton, called “The Tramp’s Story” and I think it sums up how debt makes us feel defeated and tired. The struggle with debt is real. If you relate to the poem below, call me for a coaching session. Together we can beat debt.

“We worked through spring and winter- through summer and through fall-
But the mortgage worked the hardest and the steadiest of us all;
It worked on nights and Sundays- it worked each holiday-
It settled down among us, and never went away.
Whatever we kept from it seemed almost as bad as theft;
It watched us every minute and ruled us right and left.
The rust and blight were with us sometimes, and sometimes not;
The dark-browed, scowling mortgage was forever on the spot.
The weevil and the cut-worm, they went as well as came;
The mortgage staid forever, eating hearty all the same.
It nailed up every window- stood guard at every door_
And happiness and sunshine made their home with us no more.”