Warning signs of a bad financial plan.

  • You don’t know where your money is invested, or you don’t invest at all;
  • You let someone else make your financial decisions;
  • You are intimidated by your financial planner;
  • You don’t prepare a monthly budget;
  • Your retirement plan includes winning the lottery;
  • You believe that you will always have a mortgage and car payment;
  • You take investment tips from your broke brother-in-law;

If any of these sound familiar, then you likely need some help with your finances. It is OK to ask for help. But make sure you are asking the right questions and seeking out the right people to help. I am a professional financial coach. Helping people with their money is what I do. Whether you are burdened by debt or you are just worried about your financial health, I can help. Together we can build a solid financial plan that you understand and one that works.